5 tips for better sleep


Do you have the impression that every morning is like a Monday morning? Do you feel tired by the efforts of the previous day?
Probably, you have had a bad night!


Thankfully there are some tricks that you can apply for a better sleep:


Support your body's natural rhythms
Getting in tune with the natural sleep-wake cycle of your body, or circadian rhythm, is one of the key strategies to get a good sleep. If you keep an ongoing program of normal sleep in bed and get up at the same time each day, you will feel a lot more refreshed and energised that if you sleep an equal number of hours at different times. This is true even if you change your sleep schedule by only one or two hours. Coherence is vital!


Control your exposure to light
Melatonin is a currently occurring hormone depending on light exposure to regulate your sleep-wake cycle. So it is really important to expose yourself to bright sunlight in the morning, spend more time outside when there is sunlight. Remember to let natural light into your home. On the other side, avoid bright screens within 1-2 hours of your bedtime, don’t use your smartphone to read a book and keep the light down if you get up during the night.


Get regular exercise
Research shows that if you are training regularly you will sleep better and feel less sleepy during the day. Regular exercise improves your symptoms of insomnia and sleeps apnea, and it increases the amount of time you spend in deep, restorative sleep stages.


Be smart about what you eat and drink
Your eating habits throughout the day have a role in how you sleep. It is very important to watch what you put into your body in the hours before your bedtime. Drinking relaxing herbal tea helps you to have a peaceful sleep.


Wind down and clear your bed
Residual stress, worry and anger can make it quite difficult to sleep well. When you wake up or can not get to sleep, take note of what seems to be a recurring theme. That will help you to understand what you need to do to get your stress and anger under control throughout the day.


Follow this tips for a restorative sleep. Your body will rest overnight, and the next day you will feel powerful!