How can I grow an Aloe plant?
This is one of the most popular questions of our customers. Since Aloe Vera belongs to the “succulent” family, like cactus, these plants need to have a specific treatment for water and soil. 


Here 4 simple tips:

1) Plant your Aloe Vera plant in a soil mix suitable for succulents. In the case of Aloe Vera, this mixture is composed by commercial potting mix with extra sand, granite grit or perlite. These plants can also be planted in potting soil, specific for cactuses.

2) Aloe Vera plants need light, so it could be better to put them near your window.

3) Water is essential for Aloe Vera! More than 95% of Aloe Vera plant is composed by water. However experts are sure: you have to water your Aloe plant only once a week.

4) Check if your Aloe Vera plant is receveing too much water. Droopy leavers, stunted growth and fungus are the three main symptoms of an overwatered plant.


Now that you know a little more about how to care for an Aloe Vera plant, try to improve your green thumb!